FLAVORx – medication flavouring for your liquid prescription medications

What’s worse than a sick child? A sick child who won’t take their medication because it tastes bad.  We’ve all been there, pleading with them, bribing them, masking the taste with a treat, or having to disguise it somehow. 

What if there was a better, easier, and more delicious way? There is! It is called FLAVORx and it is available at Palermo Pharmacy!!

FLAVORx is a product used to change the taste of any liquid medications to a flavour YOUR child likes.  It doesn’t affect the stability or effectiveness of the medication and it is gluten and casein free.  It takes only a moment to do, and has a nominal fee associated.

As your pharmacist today for our top recommended flavours for your child’s medication and relax knowing your child will be on the road to feeling well soon.

Ask the Team at Palermo Pharmacy about FLAVORx