Olivia and the RTRC

Our owner, Olivia, is a foster parent and volunteer for Rat Terrier Rescue Canada (RTRC). Her journey with RTRC began almost 3 years ago when her family adopted their Haven, a 15-week-old Jack-Russell/Miniature-Schnauzer mix, through them. RTRC is a true family, and many times we are called in to help in emergency situations. This past summer, Olivia was able to save a 9-week old puppy from death following an accident when the family decided not to proceed with the required surgery. This would not have been possible without all the volunteers and donations RTRC received to cover the cost of the surgery.

Today, there is a call for help for a puppy named Miracle who was found at the side of the road. The will to live is strong, as Miracle survived for quite some time eating little animals that scurried past. Miracle will require many surgeries over the next few months and will be fostered with one of our RTRC angels who happens to be a vet tech. Palermo Pharmacy will be donating to help with the surgery costs. For more information and to follow us on Miracles journey, you can follow the link below: