Prescription Refills

No Time? No Problem.
Manage your prescriptions wherever you are.


1. Open Google Play on your Android device or App Store on your Apple device
2. Search for Guardian Pharmacy
3. Download the app!

guardian-app-store guardian-play-store


How to use the app

Find Your Pharmacy

  1. Select “Pharmacy Locations” to see a list of the closest Guardian pharmacies to your current location. (Note: Your device’s Location Services must be enabled to use this feature.)
  2. Click the magnifying glass to search by pharmacy name or address.
  3. Once you’ve chosen your pharmacy, click the heart icon to save this location as  our Home Pharmacy. This will automatically forward all prescription requests there.

Create and View your Medication History

  1. Select “Account Settings”.
  2. Create your four digit passcode.
  3. Enter your Profile Information.
  4. View your previous mobile app prescription requests on “My History”.

Refill an Existing Prescription:

  1. Select “Prescription Services”, then “Fill New Prescription”.
  2. Choose “Take a Photo” and take a clear photo of your prescription, then complete the refill form.
  3. Click “Fill My Prescription”.