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Healthy Holiday Eating

Eating healthy during the holiday season isn’t always easy. Here are some helpful tips to guide you along the way: • Limit your unhealthy appetizers• Choose a low-calorie drink• Build a healthy and balanced plate• Bring a healthy option to gatherings In combination with a well-balanced diet, maintain good health with regular physical activity, good … Continue reading Healthy Holiday Eating

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Eating Healthy – Superfoods

Trying to eat healthy? Follow the link to learn about 15 superfoods that aren’t as healthy as you might think, like coconut oil and nut milk. https://www.foodnetwork.ca/healthy-eating/photos/not-so-healthy-superfoods/#!coconut-oil-photo

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Healthy Eating

Did you know that developing a healthy eating pattern can be as simple as choosing the right foods? A healthy eating pattern, including what you eat and drink on a regular basis, can contribute to overall improved health. Healthy foods and drinks can work together to: • Help you feel good • Maintain your health … Continue reading Healthy Eating

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