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Sciatica Pain

What is sciatica pain? Unlike typical lower back pain, sciatica pain extends down the leg, occasionally resulting in pain spanning from the lower back to the toes. Apart from this radiating pain, there are three other main symptoms that signal : – Numbness or burning– Tingling or muscle weakness– Difficulty moving or controlling the leg … Continue reading Sciatica Pain

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! We want to wish every woman working at PharmaChoice locations across Canada a wonderful day of celebrations. May this day be filled with love, laughter, and memories with loved ones.

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Mental Health Week

Today marks the start of Mental Health Week, and this year’s theme is the healing power of compassion. Kindness is a powerful way to brighten the days of those around you. We challenge you to be more intentional and lead with kindness today and every other day. Whether it’s volunteering, donating, getting active in your … Continue reading Mental Health Week

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