Mental Health Awareness Day 2024

Tomorrow’s not just another Thursday…it’s Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day!

In Canada, an estimated one million men are battling major depression, and have a suicide rate three times higher than women, yet statistics show only 30% of people who use support services are men.

Men face extreme pressures in today’s society, having been raised to be strong and mask emotion, resulting in astronomical rates of mental health struggles across the globe. It’s time to break the stigma.

We encourage you to check in with the men in your life more often and watch for any signs of depression, including:

– Withdrawal
– Increased anger or irritability
– Decreased interest in previously enjoyed activities
– Weight or appetite changes
– Loss of energy or fatigue
– Reckless behaviour

If you’re struggling with the symptoms above or feelings of worthlessness, talk to a healthcare professional today.