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Epilepsy Awareness

When we say seizure, what comes to mind? Like most, you probably just envisioned a Tonic-Clonic or “grand-mal” seizure that results in loss of consciousness, falls, or massive muscle contractions. These seizures involve both sides of the brain and are called “generalized seizures” and are the ones most often showcased on TV. But did you … Continue reading Epilepsy Awareness

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Epilepsy Awareness Month

Did you know that according to recent estimates, upwards of 50% of people diagnosed with epilepsy, don’t have a clear-cut cause for the condition? While many face unknown causes, there are a number of factors that can result in the development of epilepsy, including:– Genetics– Trauma– Tumours or brain structure abnormalities– Infectious diseases– Metabolism changes– … Continue reading Epilepsy Awareness Month

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