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Skin Protection

While we often think of cleaning for proper skin care, it’s better to think of skin protection. In this video, we discuss everything from sun protection to care routines and more. https://youtu.be/hXfEjN7VMIc

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Skincare Tips

With the right routine, you can enjoy soft, clear and radiant skin all summer long. Here are 5 tips to help you get started! 1. Choose the right sunscreen for you and use regularly2. Keep cool and out of the sun, especially on warmer days3. Stay active with regular physical activity4. Apply a moisturizer after … Continue reading Skincare Tips

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Sunburn Prevention Tips

Do you have a sunburn? These tips may help while you heal:• Stay out of the sun and cover the sunburned area• Use a cool compress on the affected area• Use aloe gel to soothe the skin• Adults may manage pain with ibuprofen or acetaminophen, as directed Ask your pharmacist for help finding the right … Continue reading Sunburn Prevention Tips

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